About Us

The historical relevance of the New World Mural is that it represents the first known North American settlement to be discovered by Spain, nearly 500 years ago. Just north of the mouth of the Miami River where the Freedom Tower stands. The Freedom Tower is perhaps the most prestigious building in Miami. It symbolizes all civic freedoms from its usefulness throughout Miami's short history. The Tower represents our freedom of speech through its journalistic beginnings, it has been used as a immigration center and as a health clinic, it is now owned by our Miami Dade College whose public standing has served further education in Dade County to the point of National recognition. Their plans to use the Tower for historical and artistic education, as well as for conferences, completes the symbolic usage of the Tower. It is a grand icon for Miami, it's importance is still growing and so it is a serious mistake that should be clarify.

The past holds secrets and mysteries, events and people that become lost and forgotten without leaving traces of their whereabouts or having knowledge of the roles they had played in significant events that matters our civic past.

These pieces of the puzzle belong to as all. Ana Bikic.